Home Again Microchips

Help prevent the heartbreak of lost pets. Over 10 million pets are lost every year, but with the help of the HomeAgain microchip over 20,000 pets have already come home.

The HomeAgain microchip implantation system provides lifelong pet identification that’s safe and easy as a vaccination, and small as a grain of rice. Enduring the disappearance of your dog or cat is one of life’s painful mysteries. Wouldn’t it be reassuring if your pet could be permanently identified of life, even without a collar?

Now it’s possible-with the HomeAgain Microchip Identification System from Schering-Plough Animal Health. The HomeAgain pet retrieval system involves injecting a small microchip-about the size of a grain of rice-under the skin between the shoulder blades of a dog or cat, in much the same way a vaccine is administered. Each chip has a unique 10 digit code that must be registered with the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Companion Animal Recovery program by completing an enrollment form. When a lost pet arrives at the shelter, a special hand-held scanner-similar to the scanners used in supermarkets- is passed over the animals shoulder blades. The scanner can read the identification code of the microchip below the skin surface. The shelter can then notify the AKC, which immediately contacts the pet’s owner or, if necessary, a veterinarian, relative or other peoples previously designated by the owner. Thousands of veterinarians’ offices, animal shelters and animal control agencies use the scanners routinely. They can match your pet’s ID and owner information through a central database maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Did You Know?

  • Each year more than 10 million pets are lost.
  • 50% of dogs and 75% of cats are without collars by the time they arrive at shelters.
  • Your pet can be found. Over 20,000 pets have been returned to their owners through the HomeAgain system.
  • The cost of handling the millions of pets lost each year is approaching $1 billion.
  • The HomeAgain System is based on a quick easy veterinary procedure, brought to you by Schering-Plough Animal Health and supported by the AKC.

A Complete, Unique System For Pet Retrieval

A microchip encased in biocompatible material is placed just under the skin and has an antimigration cap to help prevent movement within the pet’s body. The microchip contains an unalterable ID code and will last for the life of the pet. The chip is passive-it’s activated only when read by a compatible scanner-and it’s completely safe for puppies, adult dogs and cats six months and over.

5 Simple Steps To Help Prevent Pet Loss

  • Ask us to insert a HomeAgain Microchip.
  • Enroll you pet’s ID information with the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program using the simple form supplied by our clinic.
  • Rest Assured that if your pet is lost, scanning can help identify the way home.
  • The AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program is contacted to determine owner’s name and phone number.
  • You are contacted immediately and plans are made for you to bring your pet home.

Ask us about The HomeAgain Microchip Identification System

It’s safe, simple and effective. Once your pet has the microchip, you simply fill out and send your registration materials, along with a low, one-time lifetime enrollment fee to the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Program. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve taken the extra step to help prevent heartbreak of lost pets.